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The Openmind Group

Openmind Group is an association of companies which trades a wide range of services and products since 1995.

Creating associations and strategic alliances with big international and local businesses, Openmind Group is a market leader in areas in which it is activated.

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Openmind Group services

  • Full Advertising and Communication services
  • Specialized Consultancy services
  • Feasibility studies of projects
  • Consultancy for investment programs
  • Auditing services subsidy programs
  • Bank counseling Quality Certification Systems
  • Certification Systems
  • Online Services - Development of high-tech applications
  • Technical and Construction services
  • Construction management and integrated solutions
  • Renewable Energy systems

Openmind Consulting

A consulting firm specializes in the analysis of sponsored and developmental programs for all businesses sizes until their termination. It also specializes in theevaluation and certification of financed business investments at the borders of Γ ΚΠΣ and ΕΣΠΑ on behalf of public authorities, banks, and big companies such as Eurobank, Probank, Co-operative bank of Lamia, Eurocosultances,, Loux,, CAVINO etc.. Openmind is a certified company to research and implement the quality standards (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, HACCP, ΕΛΟΤ 1429, ΕΛΟΤ 1433, ΕΛΟΤ 1435, BRC – IOP, AGRO 2.1, 2.2, organic products etc.).

It is also the main business associate of Eurobank in the support and actualization of the program Energy Efficiency at Home having developed a chain of convenience stores (OPENMIND CORNERS) inall areas of Greece. Besides, Openmind is the official partner of Eurobank in the edition of home and consumer loans as well as Business loans for the acquisition of equipment or buildings.

Openmind Advertising

(Certified associate of Google | Member of CIA Medianetwork Hellas / MEC)

Openmind is the most famous advertising firm at the west part of Greece having branches in Athens and in Patras, with a creative art design staff, a big spectrum of Media channels, (locals and all areas of Greece), product branding, public relations, and publishing of advertising materials. Openmind is an official certified partner of Google ( Google Partner code number 8364054449) in 9 countries of the world (Australia, Austria, Germany,Switzerland, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Cyprus). It also specialises in online advertising utilizing on new tech tools in order to feature ads in Greece and in many other countries of the world.

Openenergy Hellas

A subsidiary company which specializes in the study, supply, installation of solar systems, and renewable energy systems. Having implemented more than 700 installations (until 31/12/2022), industrial and residential, has top quality and specialized engineers and technicians for installations throughout Greece.


This marketing firm specializes in the city-bus advertising in the city of Patras and in other cities of Greece, as well as selected cities of Europe and the States. The company guarantees a powerful presentation of its clients with the highest results compared to other standard advertising channels being very dependable and with a superior customer service.

Email: home@open-mind.gr